Security Report Summary
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Report Time: 24 Jun 2017 12:18:35 UTC
Report Short URL: Hidden scans do not get a short URL.
  • Content-Security-Policy
  • X-Frame-Options
  • X-XSS-Protection
  • X-Content-Type-Options
  • Referrer-Policy
Raw Headers
HTTP/1.1200 OK
Content-Typetext/html; charset=UTF-8
Set-Cookie_wp_session=90f563a34b2e235ee84338d926607373%7C%7C1498308515%7C%7C1498308155; expires=Sat, 24-Jun-2017 12:48:35 GMT; Max-Age=1800; path=/
Set-CookiePHPSESSID=mknqgbk2k3u03l0rhkumfd4vs6; path=/
Set-Cookiepll_language=el; expires=Sun, 24-Jun-2018 12:18:35 GMT; Max-Age=31536000; path=/
Link<>; rel=""
Link<>; rel=shortlink
Set-Cookieuid=sB8iYFlOWJtANE/HA5fhAg==; expires=Mon, 24-Jul-17 12:18:35 GMT; domain=$host; path=/
P3Ppolicyref="/w3c/p3p.xml", CP="CUR ADM OUR NOR STA NID"
DateSat, 24 Jun 2017 12:18:35 GMT
Cache-Controlmax-age=0, no-cache
Missing Headers
Content-Security-PolicyContent Security Policy is an effective measure to protect your site from XSS attacks. By whitelisting sources of approved content, you can prevent the browser from loading malicious assets.
X-Frame-OptionsX-Frame-Options tells the browser whether you want to allow your site to be framed or not. By preventing a browser from framing your site you can defend against attacks like clickjacking. Recommended value "x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN".
X-XSS-ProtectionX-XSS-Protection sets the configuration for the cross-site scripting filter built into most browsers. Recommended value "X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block".
X-Content-Type-OptionsX-Content-Type-Options stops a browser from trying to MIME-sniff the content type and forces it to stick with the declared content-type. The only valid value for this header is "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff".
Referrer-PolicyReferrer Policy is a new header that allows a site to control how much information the browser includes with navigations away from a document and should be set by all sites.
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Upcoming Headers
Expect-CTExpect-CT allows a site to determine if they are ready for the upcoming Chrome requirements and/or enforce their CT policy.
Additional Information
ServerThis Server header seems to advertise the software being run on the server but you can remove or change this value.
Set-CookieThe 'httpOnly' flag is not set on this cookie.
Set-CookieThe 'httpOnly' flag is not set on this cookie.
X-Page-SpeedX-Page-Speed provides the version number of the Google PageSpeed module and should be removed or changed.